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   Links to register for the ISTA Days of Action are included in the update below:

The state of Indiana passed a state budget in the early morning hours of April 28, 2023. Here is what's in store for FWCS:

image (17).png
Interesting fact: Families earning up to $220,000 will now qualify for taxpayer-funded school vouchers for private school tuition, though non-public schools are still exempt from the standards, oversight, and accountability that govern public schools in Indiana. 
Interested in supporting pro-education policies and candidates? Join our local Political Action Team (LAT).

The Legislative Action Team (LAT) was established for the following purposes:

  • To inform members and the community of legislation, voting records, and positions of legislators and candidates that may effect the members' classroom, working conditions, rights, and benefits. 

  • To serve as a voluntary funding structure through which persons and members may give direct or indirect financial contributions to support or oppose 

    • Local candidates for office;​

    • Local issues, including ballot measures


such as are deemed worthy of support (or opposition) from the standpoint of educational issues and without regard to partisan consideration

Contact Kathy Zoucha at for more details
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